Wearing the scarves symbolizes a powerful woman

Wearing the scarves symbolizes a powerful woman

Women's Scarves
in the world of fashion, every accessory worn by women symbolizes her personality. The bracelets symbolize fun and earrings symbolize tenderness, but in official circles, women in senior leadership positions prefer the shawl because it symbolizes power and influence.

Women predominate in positions of power Wear scarves around necks, especially on boards and official offices as a way to express your personality.

Why scarves?

See British fashion expert Donna Loveday the co-coordinator of an exhibition «Maine Fashion Power» at the London Design Museum, said that women's wear of a scarf fits the overall climate of the institution in which they operate and dominated by men. And with this mixing with men, women should not hide or hide their femininity and the scarf combines femininity and strength.
women's scarves
What is the secret of the scarf?

the scarf helps you in your career but how do you make sure that what you wear around your neck delivers the right message to those who see you? At first, the scarf draws attention to your face, and this is confirmed by Crowleyan Meyer, a psychologist at the London School of Fashion.

She adds "Research has shown that women look at the faces of people who deal with them, but men do not do so much, and the scarf helps attract men's attention to the face and this way they communicate better".
women's scarves
How to choose scarves?

and advises Zanata which has about 50 scarfs to have an expert or a sincere friend to help you choose shapes that fit your skin color.

it says the right color makes you feel healthy, relaxed and vibrant. If you are skinny, choose a soft, light texture such as silk, cashmere or linen. These scarves will look beautiful

Most important of all is to choose something you like and make you feel confident

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