Women's Scarves Materials:a guide to scarf fabrics


Scarves(Women's Scarves) in many shapes, sizes and especially fabrics. Making a scarves(Women's Scarves)determines its texture, appearance and convenience of time, so you should always pay attention to the fabric when you buy handkerchiefs.

Examine the fabric descriptions below to determine the best type of fabric scarf for you and your lifestyle.

Alpaca(Women's Scarves):
Alpaca scarves(Women's Scarves) are made of alpaca wool, a kind of domestic came lids. Alpaca fleece is a natural, silky, shiny fiber similar to wool, but warmer and softer.

Cashmere(Women's Scarves):

This soft and luxurious fabric is made from cashmere goat wool. It is lightweight and, when handled with care, it becomes milder over time.

cotton(Women's Scarves):

Classic and simple, cotton is the basis of their ability to be washed and durability. It is perfect for summer cool fabric.

Jersey(Women's Scarves):

This stretchy, soft cotton is breathable and lightweight. Jersey is an ideal palette for dripping, webbing, sequins and other trimmings.

Linen(Women's Scarves):

Favored by its freshness, linen is often considered the most breathable fabric group. It is made from the fibers of the flax plant.

Pashmina(Women's Scarves):

Pashmina refers to a type of shawl or scarf in pashmina wool in goat cashmere.

Satin(Women's Scarves):

Satin is a shiny and soft fabric, often made of silk or polyester. Satin comes in several forms or fabrics, which can vary in brightness, thickness, flexibility and weight.

silk(Women's Scarves):

Silk is a natural protein fiber obtained from the larval cocoons of mulberry silkworm. It can be shiny or matte chandelier, and is particularly sensitive.

wool(Women's Scarves):

The wool comes from the fleece of sheep and other animals. It is very warm, durable, and with proper care should last for years.

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