women's Scarves( Benefits and History! )

women's Scarves( Benefits and History!)

fashion scarves(women's Scarvesand shawls! 

One of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal are the scarves(women's Scarves. Even through the generations that have led through several centuries. Led to functionally all over the world to provide warmth and protection against the cold or worn out for its religious and cultural significance ... use a has also evolved for other purposes.

A Brief History:

Contrary to what some might think, the use of the scarf is not a modern thing. These people probably have this idea of ​​elegance or circles of contemporary and high fashion, where the use of the handkerchief has not lost its cultural appeal. In antiquity, especially in the time of the Greeks and Romans ... the use of rebozo had been generalized. People these days call the scarf like sudarim which literally means a breathable fabric. People used to allow them to absorb perspiration while working or traveling in hot weather.

In the Middle Ages and throughout the Renaissance period they were used by the nobility to signify their social class and higher layers. This was attributed to the opening of trade routes from the Far East and China ... which brought exotic objects, fabrics and materials, including the finest of silks. During those days, only the ultra rich and noble could afford them. Silk breathes the highest natural shine and shine that any natural fiber can provide. It was the material of choice for this garment then and remains the most sought after material now.

Scarves(women's Scarves social importance:

Western culture has made use of this accessory or as a fashion accessory or as protective clothing, depending on the weather. In other cultures, it is widely used because of its religious and cultural importance. A classic example is the use of the veil or hijab worn by women in Muslim culture as a sign of modesty as described in their sacred texts. The capital is part of his outer garment called abaya, traditionally black ... but evolved in some countries in other colors and different materials.

the advantages of using handkerchiefs:

They are used for two main purposes: for functionality and practical use.

Functional use is mainly related to weather or exposure to outdoor elements. They can be used to give more heat, especially during the winter season will require extensive use throughout the day. Even if it is not winter, going out on a cold, windy night would require the added warmth of a scarf around your neck. Another advantage that can be handkerchiefs is a protection for the hair or the head itself against the elements, dust or wind. This is especially good if you get in a taxi or cross the river or lake on a ferry.

Of course, the most basic advantage you can get this accessory is the style, style and fashion sense that can optimize a suit or a boring and monotonous dress that you can have at this time. Adding simple handkerchiefs or Ascots can do wonders for a dress, or you can be adventurous and wear a bandana or head scarf that will radically change the way you look in no time. Scarves(women's Scarvescan be worn using any style you want and in combination with any wardrobe you have, as long as the design is complete or is one with the other. There are endless possibilities and you as a user can benefit from this.

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