The Versatility of Scarves

Scarves are one of the simplest fashion accessories, but can improve the overall appearance of the person wearing it. It comes in various shapes, lengths and designs for different purposes. But scarves are used not only as a piece of fashion accessory. From the moment it was first used, it served many uses and purposes.

One of the first groups of people wearing scarves was the ancient Romans. In those days, they wore scarves to remove the sweat from his face and neck. Women also began to use it and soon became fashionable for them. Scarves were also part of the women's fashion in China as seen in some archaeological evidence.

Providing warmth during the winter season is one of the most popular uses of scarves. It is simply tied or wrapped around the neck and worn with thick winter clothes. But scarves are also used in places where the climate is hot. As mentioned earlier, the ancient Romans used it to wipe its sweat. It can also be used to protect individual items that can damage or disadvantages that dust or sand during a sandstorm in the desert. In some cultures and religions, a scarf should be used to cover the hair as a sign of modesty.

Even as a fashion accessory, scarves have many modern uses. Always worn around the neck by many women, even if not the winter season. Like a man's tie, scarves can be used to accentuate a rather simple dress or blouse. Some styles have the scarf in a loose knot just around the neck while some have the scarf in a neat tie where the remaining pieces that are not around your neck gets to give a more professional look.

Another use is also head scarves. Women use to protect your hair, such as when you are traveling. Others do not use it to protect, but to cover at a time when they do not like your hair. It has also become popular in women with cancers that lose hair because of their therapy. Some styles cover the hair while some barely function as a headband or band of hair.

Scarves can be tied around the waist like a belt or a traditional knot from the side belt. Like the traditional belt, a scarf can be folded and inserted into the jeans loops and then attached to the front. The other type resembles a context where the scarf is bound on a dress, then tied to one side for a more fabulous look.

Outside the body, scarves can also be tied in bags or handbags for a voguish look. However, you must be sure that you have chosen a scarf matches your bag or purse. Different shapes and sizes can also change the style effect.

These are just a few of the many ways that the scarf is used and its versatility makes it popular in women's fashion.

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