Silk Scarves and a Leatherman Tool?

Silk Scarves and a Leatherman Tool?

The dirty oil covered men sitting around the mechanic shop after work may think shows their "multi tools" and multiple blade knives. Why? To compare all the features and useful functions of each. One type turns into a pair of pliers and one has a blade that can remove the wire and the other has a serrated blade. You understand.

Women do not, and often do not need a multi tool. But they have a versatile accessory that has several functions, which always allows you to look your best every time. I'm talking about a silk scarf. If your wardrobe does not contain 3 or 4 silk scarves, then you should drop what you are doing and rush and buy a bit right now! Perfect accessories and gifts these women can take your current wardrobe and add a whole new multi-functional dimension to it,.

What should I do? Each woman should have some of the following silk scarves in their closet (and handbag and glove box and desk drawer).

... The solid color scarf. You really need to have 3 or 4 of these scarves(women's scarves) in bright colors, but soft like blue, green and orange. Yellow and red may look good, too, provided they are not too bright. The purpose of this scarf is to coordinate (do not match the identical) with what you wear and frame your face. If the rest of your clothes are in blue and you have a sassy orange beauty pumpkin and fashion coquettishly tied around her neck, will frame your face and draw attention to your best feature ... you! Make sure that at least one of them exactly matches the color of your eyes! What are the colors to own? Do not get something that fits your clothes, but rather get those that coordinate. These scarves(women's scarves) can look great with a professional or casual outfit. And on this hot date, make sure to use match the color of your eyes.

... The patterned scarf. You may only need one or two of them, depending on what is in your closet. If many of your professional clothes are attracted they do not own or use too. It may seem too busy. If your clothes are solid colors (or even a very thin pinstripe), you can choose to wear a patterned scarf. One match that looks great is that if you wear a dark green shirt, a light green jacket, then add a dark green silk scarf that matches your shirt but has a pattern containing another color (red, blue or yellow could proud Allure).

... The black and white. Technically they are considered solid colors, too, although your art teacher may disagree. These two are essential for having very formal or serious situations. The black scarf is very appropriate at funerals, for example. Redheads can also find a worn black bent in a band to hold the hair may look awesome. The white scarf can look great with a white dress in a formal or semi-formal atmosphere, such as a wedding or party.

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