4 Most important scarves for every wardrobe

4 Most important scarves for every wardrobe

Scarves are the ultimate accessory. How many other pieces of your wardrobe can you name that will keep you warm, elegant, and can you pick up any equipment? The truth is, with only four types of handkerchiefs in the locker room, there is no dress that can not be beat. These four essential elements will be covered regardless of the occasion.

1. The handkerchief reports

This kind of scarf will give even more boring pop-suit the color it deserves. The statement of the scarf is an essential wardrobe tool, as it can pierce any basic "uniform" instant of the outfit (think jeans, shirt and jacket) in a handmade work of art. Choose a scarf in your color print or embodying favorite. This is where your love for bright colors, or perhaps beautiful prints and flowers can shine through. Let your statement scarf identify your signature look and it will be your go-to when you are looking for that missing piece. Once you choose a scarf that speaks to your personality, you are also giving people a piece of the statement to remember!

2. Scarf goes with anything

No closet is complete without a scarf that is versatile and a bit more neutral. Take it as you walk through the door and you know that you will always work with your outfit. Choose a scarf in a classic color like gray, navy blue, camel or black. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Opt for a striped or plaid pattern in a classic color. With a scarf going with anything, it will look stylish even in days when it is already 30 minutes late. This scarf style is as reliable as your best friend, because it will always be there for you when you need it! (Do not replace your best friend.

3. scarf never ever to be cold

Every woman should have at least one style pashmina. The pashminas scarves, made from cashmere or viscose pashmina, are known for their style and warmth qualities. These soft and comfortable scarves are the ultimate warm accessory. Pashminas are great for cold winters, air conditioned rooms and romantic night walks. The rectangular shape of wide, with a pashmina film makes it extremely versatile in terms of style. Use it as a shawl, a traditional handkerchief, or even an impromptu tabletop. Pashminas are available in a wide range of colors and designs. We suggest you choose a color that makes your eyes or your beautiful jewelry.

4. The Glam Scarf

The Glam Handkerchief is important to have in your closet for special occasions or to add a sense of luxury to a daily set. Try scarf with gold or metallic accents, rhinestones, or a fun animal design. This style scarf is a great accessory for a nice black coat or over a cocktail dress for a night on the town.

Now that you have the basics, your closet will be ready to customize for any occasion. A night with the girls? Go glamor! Sundays brunch with family? The scarf is perfect statement. Maybe you and your honey are looking for star Date: take your favorite pashmina and snuggle. For a spontaneous trip to the grocery store, throw in your scarf-with-nothing and stay warm as you look up the n 'cream ice cream cookies. You will feel perfectly safe and collected for any occasion. It's good to be prepared, right?

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